The company applies an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and is certified by TUV SUD Management Service GmbH. The company prides itself with continuous cooperation with the leading global corporations, implementation of the most up-to-date international standards, methods and experiences in project management, which serve as a guarantee of the highest quality of the services offered.

In addition to ISO, special attention is paid to HSE issues where BOSNA-S in its Planning, Designing, Procurement, Installation and Operation adopts the following international standards:

Other Recognized International H.S.E Management Systems.

  • QA / QC Policy

    In order to ensure the quality of performed services in accordance to clients’ requirements and satisfaction, BOSNA-S has developed a QA/QC system according to ISO 9001.

    The Quality System aims at providing comprehensive understanding of the quality issues related to company activities ranging from market coverage through design to commissioning and start-up.

    The Management Committee of BOSNA-S has committed itself and its employees, within the scope of their duties, to carry out their activities according to the rules and requests of this Quality Policy, in order to ensure that the quality of all works done corresponds to the Contract conditions, rules and standards, as indicated in Contracts and in relevant laws and supporting standards.

    Reflecting the policy and philosophy throughout the BOSNA-S organization, we have an uncompromising commitment to quality in design, assembling, delivery and installation of our or subcontractors products and services.

    All parts of BOSNA-S are organized and motivated to think and act as to promote and apply quality rules and procedures in activities such as:

    • Organization of the Company; 
    • Clear working sequences; 
    • Optimization of the quality costs; 
    • Competition capability.

    Furthermore, it is ensured that the quality requirements of BOSNA-S Clients will be fulfilled including the extended work warranty and liability, whereby the adoption of the leading edge market competition is taken into account.

    In order to provide and guarantee that the quality standards of the services performed by BOSNA-S are at their top, the Management Committee has decided to compile and verify that all steps of Quality assurance are defined and adhered to according to ISO 9001.


  • HSE Policy

    BOSNA-S, through implementing an advanced Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Management System in line with CLIENT HSE Policy strives to establish a risk free, safety oriented working environment, protecting the health of its workforce and keeping the environment pollution free to its best efforts.

    This system is enforced through self-implementation by allocating clear and dedicated individual responsibilities, setting performance challenges and by gathering day-to-¬day advanced techniques.

    Commencing from project award through mobilization, transportation, setting up of site facilities, material transportation, offloading, construction activities, testing, commissioning and start-up, the system shall ensure that safety rules and procedures are in place, communicated, implemented, documented and enforced for site related activities including vehicle operation.

    In order to implement the general Policy of HSE, BOSNA-S has developed an HSE Management Plan. The HSE Management Plan is directly applicable to every BOSNA-S employee assigned to work on BOSNA-S projects. It will also be binding on any subcontractor employed by BOSNA-S on any projects.

    Our vision is simple, within the area of BOSNA-S operation or wherever we have influence we will make every effort and contribute to others our best to achieve:

    • No accidents 
    • No harm to personnel 
    • No harm to the environment

    Proper planning, preparation, awareness of potential hazards, the allocation of competent workers, the use of suitable tools and equipment and heightened safety awareness can avoid accidents. Every BOSNA-S employee, from general management to labor, has a responsibility to ensure that, within his own sphere of responsibility, he does not, under any circumstances, compromise any aspect of his duties or responsibilities which could, in any way, cause or increase the risk of accidents which might result in injury to himself, his colleagues or third parties, or damage to BOSNA¬S or third party´s assets.

    The primary consideration of BOSNA-S in the evaluation of the success of completed projects is that the projects safety records shall reflect ´ZERO LOST TIME ACCIDENTS´.

    It is a primary and continuing policy of BOSNA-S that, in all its activities, it will act positively to protect the health of its personnel and others who may be affected by its activities. BOSNA-S will provide and maintain a healthy work environment through acceptable industry practices and in compliance with legislative requirements.

    BOSNA-S in its operations will maintain an Environmental Protection Policy that will include environmental impact assessment, waste segregation and disposal programs, measurement of pollutants and control, through proper acceptable construction industry practices in compliance with legislative requirements.

    BOSNA-S is committed to conduct all the activities in accordance with the established Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Policy and to endeavor to achieve its objectives of protecting the health and safety of its personnel and all others who may be affected by these activities.

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