• 27-07-2013
    International Cooperation


    Paris: After months of preparation a co-operation with EIFFAGE Paris, has been established for maintenance of valves during shutdown at Mabruk Field for MABRUK OIL OPERATIONS.

  • 10-06-2013
    Process Engineering Project


    Benghazi: BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has successfully bided for Process Engineering Project by winning a tender for Material Supply & Construction to Upgrade Crude & Stabilizer Overhead System at Tobruk Refinery with ARABIAN GULF OIL COMPANY.

  • 17-05-2013
    New Project


    Benghazi: As part of Revenue Development Program BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has been chosen by ARABIAN GULF OIL COMPANY for Construction of a New Pipeline Workshop at Nafoora Oil Field.

  • 10-04-2013
    Project Re-activation

    Marsa El Brega: Upon re-activating the Project for Development of Upgraded Cathodic Protection System for Attahaddi Field Well Casings, SIRTE OIL COMPANY has chosen BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. for execution of subject works due to positive experience on past successfully completed CP Projects.

  • 11-03-2013
    Entering the Egypt Market

    Cairo: After one year of developing Egyptian Market, EGYPTIAN NATURAL GAS COMPANY (GASCO) has selected BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. for supply of Cathodic Protection, Electrical and Grounding Materials for its North Giza Power Station Project.

  • 12-02-2013
    Project Award

    Benghazi: ARABIAN GULF OIL COMPANY has awarded to BOSNA-S OIL & Gas Co. a Project for Complete Refurbishment of 2 (two) Desalters at GOSP6 at Nafoora Oil Field.

  • 17-01-2013
    International Cooperation

    Benghazi: In co-operation with CATERPILLAR, BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has been nominated for supply and commissioning of 20 generator sets for oil wells of contract area-91 (KH4) at Nafoora Field for ARABIAN GULF OIL COMPANY and OXY.

  • 18-12-2012
    New Client

    Misurata: LIBYAN IRON STEEL COMPANY has issued a purchase order to BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. for supply of Cathodic Protection Materials and upon delivery CP Specialist shall be provided to supervise installation of the materials.

  • 25-11-2012
    Project Award

    Tripoli: BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has successfully completed negotiations with HAROUGE OIL OPERATIONS (PETRO-CANADA), for Maintenance of 8 Tanks (capacity 500,000 US bbl) including exterior, roofs, and selected above-ground facilities at Ras Lanuf Tank Farm.

  • 01-10-2012
    International Cooperation


    Brussels: BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has agreed with YARA INTERNATIONAL to execute Project of Renewal of Insulation for NH3 Ammonia Storage Tank at Marsa El Brega for its partner company, LIBYAN NORWEGIAN FERTILIZER COMPANY.

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