• 16-09-2012
    International Cooperation


    Tripoli: BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has started co-operations with French Company representing SOLAR TURBINES in Libya and has been entrusted with Installation of Centaur 40 Generator Set at Fidaa Field for ZUEITINA OIL COMPANY.

  • 01-08-2012
    Project Award


    Benghazi: BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has received notification of award for two new Projects, Complete Bottom Replacement of Tank D-3 & Refurbishment of Production & Test Separators at GOSP 5 & GOSP 6, both at Nafoora Oil Field for ARABIAN GULF OIL COMPANY.

  • 01-07-2012
    Project Award


    Benghazi: BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has been awarded a new Project consisting of complete maintenance and re-insulation with thermal foam system of Tank T-828 at Tobruk Refinery for ARABIAN GULF OIL COMPANY.

  • 01-06-2012
    Project Award


    Tripoli: BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. upon successful restart of general maintenance activities at Dahra & Gialo Fields for WAHA OIL COMPANY, has been awarded additional works on Tanks at Bahi (Dahra) & Harash (Gialo) Stations.

  • 01-05-2012
    Erection of two F/F Tanks


    Marsa El Brega: BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co., upon re-mobilization at Zelten Field and repair of camp accommodation facilities, has started with parallel erection of two Tanks for Fire Fighting Water storage as part of its Project: Modernization of Fire Fighting System at Zelten Field for SIRTE OIL COMPANY.

  • 01-04-2012
    - 2-years Contract renewal

    BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has signed a two year extension of umbrella contract with WAHA OIL COMPANY for the maintenance of tanks and vessels at Dahra and Gialo Oil Fields.

  • 01-03-2012
    - Project Award

    BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has signed a LYD 3,000,000.000 contract with AZZAWIYA OIL REFINING COMPANY Inc. for the supply and installation of Exd lighting system for process areas and asphalt plant Azzawiya Refinery which has to be complated in 18 months.

  • 01-02-2012
    - Tank Completion

    BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. has successfully complated works on 500,000 bbl crude oil tank at Azzawiya Tank Farm, which then has been handed-over to AKAKUS OIL OPERATIONS (REPSOL) for exploation.

  • 01-01-2012
    - Resume of activities in Libya

    BOSNA-S OIL & GAS Co. is pleased to announce that is resumed activities on all ongoing Projects that were suspended due to recent evants and it has fully mobilized at Azzawiya, Dahra, Marsa El Brega, Zelten, Nafoora, Gialo, Sarir and Tobruk sites with logistics coming from offices in Tripoli and Benghazi.

  • 09-02-2011
    - Project Award

    Bosna-S has been awarded a new project by Brega Petroleum Marketing Company of Libya. The project titled Upgrade of Advanced Fuel Filling Systems covers the upgrade of three major oil terminals in the country. The project will be executed during 2011.

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